Orderly Matthew Banks: Filming Conditions

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Orderly Matthew Banks: Filming Conditions

Post by FlareonMaster on Thu Aug 04, 2011 4:58 pm

Okay, Jake, considering it is now August, school starts in a few weeks and the fact that I have two episodes ready for release (along with three more very shortly) and you still haven't sent in your files, I am going to have to make up a special arrangement for you. I know this is summer and you have been busy, but there is no reason why you can't meet weekly deadlines for small parts such as yours, especially considering you have a tripod as of now which should make this very easy for you to do. So, here is the deal, get me episodes 19 + 20 scenes by this upcoming Sunday (August 7th) and every other scene by August 21st or else we will have to find a replacement for your character. And trust me, I would much rather not have to do this because you have done a great job so far with what you have sent in, however you have proven to be very unreliable which is a major problem for everyone else here, considering we used to release episodes weekly and now it seems to be every three weeks to a month. A very good example of this is the "Whack a Smitty" short which took you three and a half weeks to send in your one lined scene that you could have done at any point.

Take this into consideration, but unless you can get me 19 + 20 scenes by this Sunday and every other scene by August 21st, then I will be forced to find a replacement for your character and you will be removed from the Video Makers League. You have the least amount of parts compared to every other character, so if you put your mind to it, I'd bet you that you could finish all of your parts within a few hours. I hope you will decide to get your parts done on time, because it would be a shame to lose you as an actor for us.

No hard feelings intended, just need to start releasing episodes weekly again to finish up the series by late September/early October.


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