Orderly Matthew Banks - Remainder of the Series Lines

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Orderly Matthew Banks - Remainder of the Series Lines

Post by FlareonMaster on Thu Jul 07, 2011 12:32 am

Nick Burt has taken over the position as an impersonating Orderly Matthew Banks to fill the void of the missing character. Lines have been slightly switched to adjust to the difference in the character.

Episode 19-On Allergies

CA: Banks is shown.

Banks: I am Banks. You all know this is true, so don't ask what happened last night. Case closed. Anyways, uh, I told you last time Alfred—

CA: Banks is shown.

Banks: I mean Dr. Dontrust, whatever your name is, I told you last time how to fix your bike, but you took my sarcastic suggestions instead of my real one!

Banks: Well I don't know, maybe that you took my stupid and fake suggestions!

Banks: Why do I even speak to you? You don't take anything into reason! (sarcastic) Maybe you should go take your nasal allergy medication and go to sleep for 48 hours!

CA: Banks has his jaw drop open while he stares at the camera.

CA: Banks is shown.

Banks: Of course I am going to keep my hands clean! I am a stupid orderly! (under his breath) Why am I still here working with these bozos? Can't I enter a school to become a doctor for animal care yet?

CA: Banks is shown again.

Banks: You know what, forget I said anything.

Banks: Whatever, just leave me to my lonesome self and despair.

Banks: I wasn't talking to you Smitty...

CA: Banks is shown.

Banks: I know, right? Seriously sir... I know from experience that cleaning your hands is a good thing...

Banks: You know what! I am leaving!

CA: Banks walks off screen.

CA: His head pops back onto the screen.

Banks: And I am Banks, not anyone else. Right, got to be going now. (walks off screen)

CA: Banks is shown.

Banks: Stop listening to me!

CA: Banks starts to cry from his despair.

Episode 20-On Summer Activities

CA: Banks is shown.

Banks: Bikes haven't been good to Banks. (looks around) I mean me of course, because I am Orderly Matthew Banks. The saddest and most depressing character under the sea. Wait, I think I said that wrong.

Banks: (snaps) Just forget I mentioned it!

CA: Banks is shown.

Banks: Henry, I feel your pain. (looks like he is about to cry)

Banks: How in the world could you think that someones first name was Doctor?

Banks: No one's first name on this show is Doctor!

Banks: But those aren't their first names!

Banks: I don't know actually.

Banks: (stares at the screen) (sarcastic) You know what? How about you just go jump off a cliff Dontrust! You always do what I say as it is!

Banks: Of course, now he doesn't listen to me... (smacks head) I hate you Alfred...

Banks: (whacks his head against a wall)

CA: Banks is shown.

Banks: No Smitty...I don't. (sigh)

Banks: (pauses) No, I don't believe you do...

CA: Banks is shown again.

Banks: Then again, maybe I do Henry.

Banks: No, because I am an orderly who knows nothing about the topic! (sighs) That reminds me, some little brat spilled orange juice all over the floor. I should go now and clean it up. Just don't end the episode without me! I will be right back. (leaves)

CA: LPR Symbol is shown.

CA: Banks is shown walking onto the screen.

Banks: Aw, come on! They ended the episode without me! Well, now what am I supposed to do? (under his breath) Well, I guess I could go outside and actually try to make some actual friends who don't leave without saying goodbye.

CA: He stares at the camera for a few seconds.

CA: End.

Episode 21-On Kidney Failure

CA: Banks is shown.

Banks: Sorry, I only know about animal health. (sarcastic) Perhaps you should go learn about it from, I don't know? Real doctors?

Banks: Wait, you are underage?

CA: Banks is shown.

Banks: Forget it. Not worth my time.

CA: Banks is shown.

Banks: I still don't believe that a doctor caring for animals is called a Vet.

CA: Banks is shown.

Banks: Where did you find that?

Banks: I know that, but where on the internet?

Banks: Anyone can edit Wikipedia though. So no, it isn't always accurate.

Banks: I fail to see your logic in the situation at hand.

Banks: Fine, perhaps you are right. I will shut up now. (sighs)

Banks: Don't patronize me! I resent that! Don't deny it, but resent it...

CA: LPR Symbol.

Note: Nick, think up something to do for after the episode. I had a scene with C.J and Micah, but C.J is unable to film the shot. So think up a scene regarding either Banks or Dr. Dontrust. Thanks!

Episode 24-On Eye Sight

CA: Banks is shown walking onto the screen very slowly.

Banks: Sorry about that, Dr. Dontrust, uh, I guess you could say… (looks around, thinking) needed a break! So, I am taking over for him. Me, Banks, your friendly Orderly.

CA: He is shown looking around his room.

Banks: Your eyes allow you to see the world around you.

CA: He is now shown sitting down outside.

Banks: And there are beautiful things to see in the world we call Earth!

CA: He is shown sitting down inside.

Banks: I too wear glasses on occasion like Henry and Alfred. I now have perfect 20/20 vision!

CA: He stands up and falls over as he walks away.

Banks: (off screen, on the ground) Ow...

CA: Banks is shown.

Banks: Uh, can’t really say, he kind of just fell asleep.

Banks: Yeah… (stares to his right) So, what happened to Professor Sausage?

Banks: I dunno how you would know, just assumed you would know where he was since this is your show. Hopefully he is okay, he is scared of the afternoon and it is getting late. It is almost one O'clock.

Banks: An electric eye ball? Uh... no, I don't believe I have... (scratches head)

Episode 25-On Blood Loss

CA: Banks is shown.

Banks: Hey, what is wrong Henry?

Banks: What is so wrong with that?

Banks: Sorry, blood isn’t in my job description. Cleaning is. (picks up a mop) Well, bye everyone. Got to go back to my depressing job… (whistles as he walks off screen)

Episode 26-On Germs

CA: Banks is shown staring at the screen for about seven seconds, as depressing music is played in the background.

Banks: Isn’t the world such a (pauses and looks around) crappie place? All I have to look forward to is my time off from work! (starts to seem emotional) And it isn’t even that great! (lowers his head, starting to cry)

Intercom: Come in Matthew Banks, come to room 421 please, uh, we are In need of barf to clean up.

Dr. Truscot: Hey Banks, I think you should go take care of that.

CA: Banks is shown.

Banks: Yeah, yeah… (stands up, grabs a mop) My life sucks… (walks out of room)

Episode 28-On Lunacy

CA: Banks is shown playing solitaire with cards.

Banks: I’m not insane either. I am just a lonely depressed person with no real purpose in life. No money, no girlfriend, no real friends, no dreams, I got nothing… (sighs) All I need is an ace to finish that line… (looks around) Oh wait, I forgot the eight. (sighs again) You crazy eight! (pounds his fist on the table) (looks up) Uh, nothing to see here. I got to go back to work on this project of mine anyways. Kind of important. (grabs mop and slowly walks away, eventually running)

Finding Marsha - Smitty's Greatest Adventure:

CA: Alfred looks at the screen, puts the phone down, walks off and reappears in the same shot seconds later, dressed as impersonator Banks, he then proceeds to pick up the phone.

Banks: Yes, this is Banks, Smitty, how may I help you and (pauses and tilts head) your depression?

Smitty: Well, you see, Marsha and I were having a grand ole time waiting for my cousin Jimmy Johnson to visit me for the day, when Marsha-(interrupted)

Banks: Smitty, shut up and calm down! (pauses and sighs) By any chance, would she have run away?

Smitty: Run away? That doesn't sound like something Marsha would do! She doesn’t even have any bones in her wee body! Only stuffing! Oh no! Maybe someone kidnapped her and killed her? I need to call the President or something, don’t I? That is it, isn’t it? She was kidnapped! My worse fear has been realized! (screams)

Banks: Calm Smitty. Chill. Calm your anxiety… and depression…

Smitty: Can’t do that right now Banks! I need to find Marsha! (hangs up)

CA: Impersonator Banks is shown.

Banks: Smitty? You still there? Smitty? (looks at the phone for two seconds and then puts it down) (acts like Dontrust) Well, that was completely unpleasant and rude of him. Eh, he’ll call me. (walks off screen)


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