A Health Chronicles Christmas Tale - Script

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A Health Chronicles Christmas Tale - Script

Post by FlareonMaster on Sat Nov 12, 2011 1:34 pm

This is a short film based on the characters of the Health Chronicles (focusing on Smitty, Henry and Harvy) that will be possibly released around Christmas.

A Health Chronicles Christmas Tale:

Cast and Characters:

Cody Merritt as Smitty Johnson

Jonathan Olson as Harvy Reynol/Henry Truscot

C.J Holt as Dr. Nicholas Mister

Nick Burt as Alfred Dontrust

CA: The house is shown with snow and decorations for Christmas.

CA: Harvy is shown running into the house (in white outfit) slamming the door behind him.

Harvy: Stinking snow.

CA: He is shown walking nearby a Christmas tree.

CA: He heads up the stairs and sees Smitty asleep by the tree, holding Marsha.

Harvy: Hey Smitty, I got something for ya!

CA: Smitty is shown knocked unconscious.

Harvy: Well isn’t that typical. I guess I will eat this bacon myself.

CA: Smitty jumps up from behind Harvy, clobbers him over the head and grabs the bacon box.

Smitty: BACON!

CA: Harvy is on the floor, rolls over and looks up.

Harvy: Yeah and a merry Christmas to you too… you jerk.

CA: Smitty helps up Harvy.

Smitty: Hey Harvy, I need to get something for Marsha for Christmas, but I don’t know what I should get her! Any suggestions?

Harvy: Well do what I did Smitty. Head to the mall and find something that suits her perfectly. Look, Truscot has me doing a lot of errands today, so I got to get going.

CA: Harvy starts to walk away.

Smitty: What is Truscot doing for Christmas?

Harvy: Oh, he is spending it with Dr. Mister this year.

Smitty: Not me? (looks like he is about to cry)

Harvy: Oh, I am sorry Smitty. I didn’t mean to upset you… I just meant…

CA: Smitty is about to cry.

Harvy: Okay, I will talk to him, try to get him to switch his mind. Will that make you happy?

CA: Smitty is shown shaking his head.

Harvy: Alright then, all settled. Head to the mall and get a gift for Marsha and everyone else. I will see what I can do! Merry Christmas Smitty!

CA: Harvy leaves and shuts the door behind him.

Smitty: The mall, huh?

CA: A door is being shown opened with Henry on the outside.

Henry: Merry Christmas Nicholas!

CA: Dr. Mister is shown looking grim on the other side of the door.

Henry: What is the matter?

Dr. Mister: I finally get a vacation from Professor Sausage and can relax, then you show up and not only is that bad enough, but you don’t refer to me by my title Dr. Mister. Henry, you should know better than anyone that I don’t like going by “Nicholas”

Henry: Sorry man. Can I come in?

Dr. Mister: Yeah, yeah… sure. Sorry I seem annoyed. Just that Sausage, he is overwhelming!

Henry: Don’t fret about it.

CA: Henry walks in and sits down.

CA: Dr. Mister shuts the door.

CA: Dr. Dontrust is shown drinking hot chocolate, watching a Christmas film by a fire.

Note: If you don’t have a fire place, that is fine. lol

Dr. Dontrust: Ah, got myself warm HOT CHOCOLATE and a nice warm sweater, sitting by the fire and watching my favorite ole Christmas classic! How could anything ruin such a wonderful day!

CA: Phone rings.

Dr. Dontrust: I really had to say something. (sighs and answers phone) Hello?

CA: Smitty is shown.

Smitty: Hey, can you direct me to the closest mall?

Dr. Dontrust: Down the street 3 blocks and on the left. Can I go now?

Smitty: Sure buddy! Thanks!

CA: Dr. Dontrust hangs up and looks straight ahead without speaking, seemingly annoyed. Waits a few seconds and then his phone rings again, making him answer it.

Dr. Dontrust: (annoyed) Yeeees?

Smitty: How much distance is a block? Is that like the same size of a blueflipflopflingleflanglepuss's foot or something?

Dr. Dontrust: Smitty, turn right from your driveway and walk down the street until you see a humongous building on your left.

Smitty: Thank you so much Alfred! (screams) Merry Christmas!

Dr. Dontrust: Yeah, Merry Christmas…Don't call me Alfred...

CA: Harvy is shown calling Truscot while out in the snow.

Harvy: You sure you can’t come home by Christmas morning? Smitty really is counting on you.

Henry: Harvy, I already made plans. Smitty will understand.

Harvy: That is just it, I don’t think he will.

CA: Smitty is shown entering the mall, looking around in numerous locations for items to buy while “Run Run Rudolph” is being played.

CA: Henry is shown laughing while talking to Dr. Mister who seems to have lightened up.

CA: Dr. Dontrust is shown falling asleep.

CA: Harvy is shown decorating a tree.

CA: Smitty is shown entering upstairs with a ton of bags in his possession, placing gifts under the tree.

CA: Harvy is shown entering the house smiling at what Smitty is doing without Smitty knowing he is there.

CA: Henry is shown waving goodbye to Dr. Mister and leaving.

CA: Harvy and Smitty are shown playing a game.

Smitty: So Truscot can’t make it home for Christmas?

Harvy: Sorry man, but he said he wouldn’t be able to.

CA: Smitty seems upset, but hugs Marsha.

CA: A doorbell is heard.

CA: Harvy and Smitty walk down stairs and open the door seeing Henry with a gift for Smitty.

Henry: I’m home guys, Merry Christmas!

CA: Smitty grabs the gift as they all sit around the tree and open gifts as the video fades out.


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