Dr. Mister and Professor Sausage Together - Remainder of the Series Lines

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Dr. Mister and Professor Sausage Together - Remainder of the Series Lines

Post by FlareonMaster on Thu Jul 07, 2011 12:53 am

C.J and Micah, here are all of your remaining lines for the series from episodes 21-30 that you film together. Good luck guys!

I have rearranged the order of episodes scenes for C.J. and Micah from what is needed the most to what is needed the least of their parts together below.

Episode 30-On Stressful Situations

Note: From here on for the remainder of the finale episode, you and Micah have to film your parts together.

CA: Dr Mister opens fridge.

Dr Mister: Finally, Professor Sausage is gone for good!

CA: Dr Mister looks at camera.

Dr Mister: I bought some delicious cheesecake to celebrate!

CA: Once the fridge door is shut, on the other side of the fridge door Professor Sausage is shown without his hat.

CA: Dr. Mister is shown separately screaming.

Note: C.J, get a close up zoom (to show from the shoulders up) on both you and Micah screaming separately.

CA: Professor Sausage is shown separately screaming.

CA: They both are shown screaming, but calming down.

Professor Sausage: You scared me!

Dr. Mister: Sausage! What are you doing back? How did you escape?

CA: Professor Sausage pulls his hat off from Dr. Mister's head and puts it on.

CA: You then see him separately grabbing an apple from his pants and eating it.

Professor Sausage: It was le easy! All I did was yell cheese and chased the dunce security guards out onto the highway, like I did to you last Wednesday!

CA: Professor Sausage looks at the table and sees a cheesecake.

Professor Sausage: Is that la cheesecake?

Dr. Mister: (turns his head to the cake) Uh, no, I don't believe it is...

Professor Sausage: Now Mister, you wouldn't lie to me, would ya?

Dr. Mister: (nods) Sure, I do it all the time.

Professor Sausage: (Professor Sausage mumbles) Yummy, cheesecake... (he then looks back and forth between himself and Dr. Mister)

Dr. Mister: Uh, Sausage?

CA: Professor Sausage then is shown starting to move his hands together in slow motion.

CA: Dr. Mister is shown staring at him separately.

Dr. Mister: (gulps) Sausage?

CA: Professor Sausage is shown still in slomo about to clap his hands.

Dr. Mister: Professor Sausage? (cries)

CA: Professor Sausage is shown clapping his hands once.

CA: You see Dr. Mister's face up close twitching after the clap.

CA: Professor Sausage immediately starts to freak out.

Professor Sausage: Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! My cheesecake! My cheesecake! My cheesecake!

CA: Dr. Mister is shown starting to scream and immediately runs away grabbing the cheesecake.

Dr. Mister: I will save you cheesecake!

CA: Professor Sausage runs after him.

CA: You see the same camera shot from episode 4 with Dr. Mister being chased by Professor Sausage, only this time Dr. Mister is holding the cheesecake.

Note: C.J, do the below shot from two angles. One from in front of you two and one from behind you two.

CA: You now see them outside fully on the sidewalk, while Dr. Mister runs down the sidewalk followed by Professor Sausage.

Dr. Mister: Why does this always happen to me?

CA: Dr. Mister is shown screaming, passing the camera while Professor Sausage is shown behind him.

Professor Sausage: My Cheesecake! My Cheesecake! Woohoo! (raises his arms up high as he runs)

Dr. Mister: Somebody help me!

CA: The two of them are shown far away now while Professor Sausage starts to laugh hysterically.

Episode 21-On Kidney Failure

CA: Dr. Mister is shown.

Dr. Mister: Ask no further everyone! Thankfully I know what Kidney Failure is! Now, just let me finish my cheese sandwich and—

CA: Professor Sausage attacks Dr. Mister and both go off the screen and are assumed to have fallen to the ground.

CA: A new angle is shown with a few seconds of quietness. Professor Sausage then ascends with his clothes in disrepair and then smiles, while starting to eat the cheese sandwich.

Professor Sausage: Cheese!

CA: Professor Sausage walks off the screen.

CA: Dr. Mister is then shown getting up, with his clothes also in disrepair.

Dr. Mister: Hold that thought guys, I got to go take care of a certain Sausage!

CA: Dr. Mister picks up a spatula and charges in the direction Professor Sausage went.

Episode 24-On Eye Sight

Note: The below single shot scene (the two CA's and two lines) is the only time Micah appears in your shot from this episode.

CA: Dr. Truscot is shown walking outside while you see Professor Sausage is shown running away down the street behind Dr. Mister, screaming his head off and throwing his hat away.

CA: Dr. Mister turns around to see Professor Sausage running away.

Professor Sausage: Buffet, buffet, buffet!

Dr. Mister: Though... (turns back to look at the camera) there are also very…disturbing things to see in this world too.

Episode 26-On Germs

CA: Dr. Mister turns away to put the iron down while Professor Sausage runs through the scene, grabbing the clothes.

CA: Dr. Mister turns around and sees Professor Sausage running away.

CA: A window is shown with Professor Sausage running away outside with the clothes, screaming woohoo!

Note: Use the same angle as you did from episode 4 when Micah chased you C.J.

Dr. Mister: SAUSAGE! (runs outside, holding the iron)

CA: He runs after him in the same shot that was taken for Professor Sausage, waving around the iron.

Episode 29-On a Healthy Work Environment

Note: Below is a single shot.

CA: You see an empty room at Dr. Mister’s home.

CA: You see Dr. Mister run across the screen.

Dr. Mister: Why do you always think I have cheese!

CA: In the same shot, you see Professor Sausage run by across the screen.

Professor Sausage: Cheese!

CA: Dr. Mister is shown about to wrestle Professor Sausage. Do this in whatever way you feel is best.

CA: You see the room Dr. Mister and Professor Sausage are in as they start to fight.

Note: C.J, you can do the above camera action in any manner you want as long as it appears that you two are fighting.

CA: Dr. Mister and Professor Sausage look at each other.

Professor Sausage: You have me cheese, don't ye lady?

CA: Dr. Mister stares at Professor Sausage.

CA: Dr. Mister and Professor Sausage are shown sitting next to each other on a couch.


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