Dr. Mister - Remainder of the Series Lines

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Dr. Mister - Remainder of the Series Lines

Post by FlareonMaster on Mon Jul 18, 2011 2:48 pm

This is a thread for only Dr. Mister's remaining lines for the series that doesn't involve Micah in the scenes with him. This was made along with a thread for Professor Sausage's remaining lines without Dr. Mister and a thread for their remaining parts together.

Episode 20-On Summer Activities

CA: Dr. Mister is shown standing outside next to his bike.

Dr. Mister: My personal favorite is bike riding!

CA: Dr. Mister is shown next to a palm tree.

Dr. Mister: I live in Florida!

Dr. Mister: I just didn't want you to forget!

Dr. Mister: Well you remembered. That is all that matters!

CA: Dr. Mister is shown.

Dr. Mister: It is quite warm here.

Dr. Mister: I don't know how to honestly.

CA: Dr. Mister is shown.

Dr. Mister: Nope, however I would like to say it is really hot here!

Dr. Mister: I know, but I don't care because I am experiencing lovely weather down here in Florida!

Episode 21-On Kidney Failure

CA: LPR symbol.

Note: You can film this final scene without Micah, just record his voice screaming.

CA: Dr. Mister is shown jumping onto the camera with the spatula. He looks around and runs down the hallway into a room, missing a shoe. He shuts the door after looking sinisterly at the camera.

(Professor Sausage is heard screaming in terror until there is utter quietness)

CA: Dr. Mister leaves the room with both his shoes on and wearing Professor Sausage's hat and tie around his green shirt.

Dr. Mister: And that is how you get er done!

CA: End.

Episode 24-On Eye Sight

CA: Dr. Mister is shown walking onto the screen.

Dr. Mister: Sorry about that, Dr. Dontrust, uh, I guess you could say… (looks around, thinking) needed a break! So, I am taking over for him.

CA: He is shown looking around his room.

Dr. Mister: Your eyes allow you to see the world around you.

CA: He is now shown sitting down outside.

Dr. Mister: And there are beautiful things to see in the world we call Earth!

CA: He is shown sitting down inside.

Dr. Mister: I too wear glasses like Henry and Alfred. I now have perfect 20/20 vision!

CA: He stands up and falls over as he walks away. Then he stands up.

CA: Dr. Mister is shown.

Dr. Mister: Can’t really say, he kind of just fell asleep.

Dr. Mister: Yeah… (stares to his right) So, what happened to Professor Sausage?

Dr. Mister: I dunno how you would know, just assumed you would know where he was since this is your show. Hope he is okay, he is scared of the afternoon and it is getting late.

Dr. Mister: Uh... no, I don't believe I have... (scratches head)

Episode 26-On Germs

CA: Dr. Mister is shown, looking annoyed.

Dr. Mister: That was me who told you that!

CA: Dr. Mister puts his hand on his forehead and shakes his head silently.

CA: Dr. Mister is shown ironing.

Dr. Mister: Just going out on a limb here, but I have a feeling, that your last sentence was mostly incorrect.

Dr. Mister: (stares at screen for a few seconds, then nods approvingly) Nothing… just forget about it. (turns back around and continues ironing, then begins to mumble)

CA: Dr. Mister is shown, with the iron, reaching the door, realizing it is locked, pulling at the knob.

Dr. Mister: Sausage! (stops pulling on to knob) Fine, have it that way!

Note: Do the below scene however as you please, as long as the same point is shown.

CA: Dr. Mister leaves the door and comes back with a chainsaw, about to turn it on and looking crazliy at the screen.

CA: End.

Episode 27-On Accidents

CA: Dr. Mister is shown, outside of his house, banging on his front door.

Dr. Mister: Sausage! Let me in already! I have been stuck out here for more than one episode! Come on!

CA: Dr. Mister is shown, sitting on the ground (back to) his front door, whacking his head on the door.

CA: Series end.

CA: Dr. Mister is shown looking inside the window from the outside and is back to the camera.

Dr. Mister: Okay, seriously, what am I going to do to get back into there?

CA: End.

Episode 28-On Lunacy

Note: The rest of the scenes for this episode can filmed without Micah, just make it appear that he is still asleep on the couch.

Dr. Mister: Time for my revenge from being locked outside for three episodes! Hehe!

CA: He is shown about to whack Professor Sausage in the head.

Episode 29-On a Healthy Work Environment

CA: Dr. Mister is shown sitting down.

Dr. Mister: Hey, wait a second! Are you saying that I am a jerk?

Dr. Mister: Because the camera turned to me after you said that!

Dr. Mister: But you are in control of the show!

Dr. Mister: I am saying you are accusing me of being a jerk!

Dr. Mister: What? How is my argument not valid here?

CA: Dr. Mister is shown sitting down on the couch after jumping over the back of it to sit.

Dr. Mister: Well, our work life isn't usually very healthy. Especially for me since Professor Sausage lives in my house.

CA: Dr. Mister is shown sitting down still on a couch.

Dr. Mister: They are taking you away! How do they have the right to do that though?

CA: You see the door from the inside. I will add in a knocking sound. Just take a snap shot of the door. lol

CA: You see Dr. Mister look over at the door.

Episode 30-On Stressful Situations

CA: Dr. Mister is shown turning around looking depressed and then all of a sudden, he starts dancing to party music that I will add in.

Dr. Mister: Party time! No more Sausage! (blows on noise maker)

CA: Dr. Mister is shown wearing a party hat with loud music (I will add in) in the background playing holding a noise maker and a drink.

Note: Have the camera lower to the ground and aimed up towards you for this shot C.J to make it look like you are looking down at it.

Dr. Mister: Stress? What ya talkin bout? I'm having a grand ole time! Woohoo! (turns around) Who wants some Sausage soup?

CA: Dr. Mister is shown wearing Professor Sausage's hat and then walking up to a fridge.

CA: From a new shot, you see him looking for something to drink.

CA: He grabs a glass of water and shuts the fridge.

Note: This is where Micah enters in. For his lines, check the thread that features the remaining parts of the series you film together.


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