Ariana's Remaining Lines for the Series

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Ariana's Remaining Lines for the Series

Post by FlareonMaster on Tue Dec 13, 2011 2:56 am

In case anyone would like to read this, here it is! If you have suggestions for any lines or changes, let me know! I won't be giving this over to Mary for at least one more day. Just want to make sure they seem great enough before sending the lines over. haha Also, realize if for some reason she cannot film or can't film a certain thing or for a certain scene/episode, if we are about to release an episode I will still release it and not add her part if it comes to a point like that. These roles are here for her character and aren't necessary plot wise aside from minor details.

Ariana Remaining Lines for Dr. Truscot the Health Chronicles:

CA = Camera Angle/Camera Action
Note: When double spaced down = Means new scene of same episode

Episode 25 - On Blood Loss:

CA: Harvy is shown sitting down on steps in front of Dr. Truscot's office holding the Easy Button.

Harvy: I blame all of my problems on Ariana for selling me this stinking Easy Button.

CA: Ariana is shown sitting down reading something.

Ariana: Someone say my name? (shrugs and continues reading)

CA: Ariana is shown continuing to read without making eye contact with the camera.

Ariana: Blood rules. (thumbs up)

Episode 26 - On Germs

CA: Ariana is shown.

Ariana: Germs don't really affect me. (pauses) I am immune to everything. (pauses) Yep, Dontrust is a wimp. (starts to walk off screen) Saw that one coming.

Episode 27 - On Accidents

CA: Harvy is shown drinking coffee and proceeds to get up, placing the coffee on the table.

Harvy: Better go and check to see how much damage Smitty has caused to himself.

CA: Harvy starts to walk away, but trips over something and hits his head on a doorknob, falling backwards, hitting a trash can and plopping to the floor. Then his coffee tips over as the coffee pours onto his face.

CA: Ariana is shown holding a boom box hitting the play button as "That Was Easy" is heard (I will edit that sound in)

Ariana: It really was. (looks up to the ceiling as if thinking about it)

CA: Harvy is shown on the ground screaming.

Harvy: Ariana!!

CA: Ariana is shown slowly walking off camera as if guilty.

Episode 28 - On Lunacy

CA: Jimmy Johnson is shown outside in snowy weather sitting on the ground.

Jimmy: It is the middle of summer. So where did this snow come from?

CA: Ariana is shown grabbing a sled.

Ariana: Time to go to sledding! Woohoo! (runs off screen)

CA: Jimmy is shown again.

Jimmy: Well then, this really is indeed lunacy. (pulls out a rubber chicken and starts to munch on it)

Episode 29 - On a Healthy Work Environment

Dr. Truscot: Uhh, well you aren't an employee-not even really a friend. Well that is only because when I tried to become your friend, you ran off screaming...but uh-anyways, what is your view on a healthy work environment Ariana? Seeing as I can't get a logical answer from anyone else here.

CA: Ariana is shown sitting down.

Ariana: Well, I don't got a work life... but if I did, I'd want more pudding and less working hours with much more pay! Now if that isn't a healthy work life, I don't know what is!

CA: Dr. Truscot is shown just looking at the screen.

Dr. Truscot: Why am I not surprised? Seriously, why do I even bother sometimes? (walks off screen) Anyone else got a rotten opinion?

CA: Ariana is shown grabbing a bowl (it can be empty) and spoon and starts to eat pudding.

Ariana: Got to love chocolate and peanut butter swirl pudding! Mmmm!

Episode 30 - On Stressful Situations

CA: Harvy is shown sitting down next to the Easy Button and looks at it.

CA: The Easy Button is shown separately.

CA: Harvy is shown separately.

CA: The Easy Button is shown separately.

CA: Harvy is shown separately.

Harvy: Well, for old time's sake... (hits the button as "That Was Easy" is heard) I still resent buying you... (looks up) Why am I talking to an inanimate object? (shakes head)

CA: Ariana is shown watching a movie or playing a video game (you decided and don't show television please)

Ariana: Because you are a utterly insane Harv.

CA: Harvy is shown looking at the button.

Harvy: The name is Harvy with a 'Y' and I wasn't asking you Ariana...

CA: Ariana is shown.

Ariana: Suuure you weren't.

CA: Harvy is shown.

Harvy: I am going to find Smitty... (walks off screen)

CA: (use single shot) Ariana is shown walking into a room and sitting down.

Ariana: So this show is finally canceled? About time! Never liked Henry anyways. He freaks me out! Maybe he will finally leave and go far, far away from here. Like Puerto Rico or down the street. Whatever is further away.

CA: Dr. Truscot is shown walking onto the screen in his office.

Dr. Truscot: You know I can hear you right?

CA: Ariana is shown.

Ariana: Yeah I know. Why do you think I said that out loud? Could have just thought that in my head and laughed about it for you to hear just to spite you if I wanted to! (smiles)

CA: Dr. Truscot is shown.

Dr. Truscot: I am heading outside to find Smitty and Harvy... (walks off screen)

CA: Ariana is shown.

Ariana: Finally, some alone time away from these crazy people!

CA: Jimmy is shown exiting a closet for whatever reason.

Jimmy: Don't worry Ariana! Frank (holds up his rubber chicken he named Frank) and I haven't left just yet!

CA: Ariana is shown again seemingly annoyed.

Ariana: (sarcastically) Wonderful! And just when I thought I got away from these losers. (pauses) Oh! I know! I will just act like I don't know he is there! Then maybe he will just go away! What a brilliant idea! It is flawless! Now I just got to be quiet and still... (doesn't move for about five seconds)

CA: Jimmy is shown.

Jimmy: Don't worry Ariana! Frank and I are still here!

CA: Ariana is shown looking at the screen.

Ariana: Oh crap... (stays still, acts annoyed)

CA: Jimmy is shown staring at the screen.

CA: Ariana is shown sitting down.

Ariana: Well this is awkward... (gets up and leaves)

CA: Jimmy is shown shrugging his head.

Jimmy: Aw... and just when I thought I finally made a true friend other than Frank. (walks away upset)

Whack a Smitty Reborn:

CA: Ariana is shown grabbing something to throw at Smitty.

Ariana: So... when do I get my chance to Whack a Smitty? (smiles and pauses for a few seconds) I'm not picky, I will settle for Whacking a Harvy!

CA: Harvy is shown.

Harvy: Hey! I resent that!

CA: Dr. Truscot runs across the screen behind Harvy.

Harvy: Truscot! Just where do you think you are going!


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