The Health Chronicles - Cast List

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The Health Chronicles - Cast List

Post by FlareonMaster on Wed Sep 14, 2011 10:42 am

This thread was made for future reference.

List of Characters of "Dr. Truscot - The Health Chronicles"

Dr. Henry Truscot by Jonathan Olson

Dr. Alfred Montague Dontrust-Dalone/Impersonator Banks

Receptionist Smitty Johnson by Cody Merritt

Harvy Reynol by Jonathan Olson

Dr. Nicholas Mister by C.J. Holt

Professor Sausage by Micah Holt

Doctor V-Vampire Bill by Robert Fernandes

Blind Jeremy by Dyllan DuPont

Orderly Matthew Banks by Jake Rush

Jimmy Johnson by Cody Merritt

Ariana by Mary Richards

Gina by Kaylah Richards

Henry's Clone by Jonathan Olson


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