Episode 22 Script (On Climbing and Hiking)

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Episode 22 Script (On Climbing and Hiking)

Post by FlareonMaster on Mon Jun 27, 2011 6:53 pm

I am working on finishing up the remainder of the series scripts for the summer, so that we can all film our parts in advance and finish up the series by September. Once we have all filmed our parts in advance, I plan to release episodes twice a week if possible on Monday's and Friday's. That way we will be able to wrap up the show by mid September! Here is episode 22 script!

Dr. Truscot-The Health Chronicles (Episode 22) On Climbing and Hiking (Script)
Cast: (In=In episode/ Not=Not in episode)

Dr. Truscot/In
Dr. Dontrust/In
Dr. Mister/Not
Professor Sausage/In
Smitty Johnson/In
Doctor V/In as a Cameo
Harvy Reynol/In

CA: Series opening.

CA: Dr. Truscot is shown running onto the screen with a backpack and bottle of water.

CA: He continues to hike up a long hill that seems to get steeper and steeper.

CA: Dr. Truscot reaches the top of the hill and appears out of breath and falls on his butt next to a fence.

Dr. Truscot: Phew! Hey there internet people! I am on a climbing and hiking trip! So I am out in the middle of nowhere with no civilization around!

CA: People are seen walking by.

Dr. Truscot: Here is a fun fact! I am fully out of breath, and when someone is out of breath, you drink your water!

CA: Dr. Truscot is seen glugging down the entire bottle of water.

CA: He stands up.

CA: He appears in front of a recycling bin and throws the empty bottle in.

CA: He reappears next to the fence and falls on his butt again.

Dr. Truscot: Okay, now that I have taken care of that-

CA: Pulls out another bottle of water and takes a sip.

Dr. Truscot: -I can go on my way again in this uncivilized area!

CA: He gets up and runs away again.

CA: He turns a corner and sees a very large hill.

Dr. Truscot: Aw, crap!

CA: He is shown at the top of the hill.

Dr. Truscot: Okay, that was harder than it looks!

CA: Dr. Truscot takes a seat.

Dr. Truscot: Today's topic is on Climbing and Hiking! (pauses) Mainly, because that is what I am doing today...

CA: He runs up the hill.

Dr. Truscot: It is great exercise to do either of those activities! Both vigorous and enduring!

CA: He reappears from a different angle and you see him crawling up the hill.

Dr. Truscot: (out of breath) Though...on a hot day...you are liable to over exert yourself!

CA: Panting next to a tree and then stuffs the water bottle into his mouth and falls over backwards.

CA: He is shown next to a rock that says picture rock.

Dr. Truscot: Hm, Picture Rock, huh?

CA: Turns to the camera and smiles.

Dr. Truscot: Cheese! (snap shot taken)

CA: Professor Sausage is shown.

Professor Sausage: Cheese?

CA: Professor Sausage searches around for the missing piece of cheese.

CA: He looks next to the fridge and then inside of it.

Professor Sausage: Cheese?

CA: He looks out his window, with his face pushed up against it.

Professor Sausage: Cheese?

CA: He looks in his closet.

Professor Sausage: Cheese?

CA: He looks in his shoe.

Professor Sausage: Cheese?

CA: He looks in his hat.

Professor Sausage: Cheese?

CA: He walks onto the screen.

Professor Sausage: Where is me cheese?

CA: Dr. Truscot is shown throwing his backpack down to the ground.

Dr. Truscot: Okay, I got to rest for a bit before I go climbing!

CA: He sits down and lays his head back.

Dr. Truscot: Okay, that was enough! Time to get moving! Rock climbing wall, here I come!

CA: He appears automatically staring at a rock wall.

Dr. Truscot: Not exactly what I had in mind... Been here before... Well, at least it is a wall with a bunch of rocks for my feet to climb up upon! Must always think positive!

CA: He is shown reaching the top.

Dr. Truscot: Well, I have certainly climbed harder mountains before... (stares around) well this isn't a mountain... well, I have climbed higher up before!

CA: He is shown glugging down water again next to a tree.

Dr. Truscot: Hey, what can I say? Water is important for me! Haven't you ever seen the Benefits of Water special?

CA: Harvy and Smitty are shown practically crawling up a mountain side.

Harvy: Come on Smitty! It is episode twenty-two already! Our sub plot is supposed to end in this episode! We can make it! Just a little farther!

CA: Smitty is shown crawling with Marsha.

Smitty: Harvy! I am tired! I don't want to go another step!

Harvy: Same here. But we can't give up! Not now, not ever! We have a purpose to move on! A purpose that leads to our freedom! Our liberty! Our rights as a human beings! (Smitty's face is now shown listening to the speech) Smitty, if we have the guts and courage to move on, we can take a stand and make a revolution happen! (Harvy's face is shown again) We shall be strong! We shall not be merciful! We shall take over this show by taking it down with one blow at a time! We will become victorious!

CA: They stare at each other.

Smitty: And what does any of that have to do with taking over the show?

Harvy: How should I know? I just wanted to read off this speech I made for our victorious win!

Smitty: Victorious? Isn't that a television show?

Harvy: How should I know? Television is for the impatient!

Smitty: What does impattent mean?

CA: Harvy stares at the screen.

CA: He is shown reaching his summer office.

Dr. Truscot: So, Dr. Dontrust, what do you have to say about climbing and hiking for our audience?

CA: Dr. Dontrust is shown outside.

Dr. Dontrust: Well... (stares up to the sky)

CA: He appears in a new location running up a hill.

Dr. Dontrust: I would run up hills of course without every breaking a sweat or taking any time for relaxation!

CA: He is shown from a new angle rushing up the hill.

Dr. Dontrust: And who needs to breathe?

CA: He is shown attempting to climb a fence.

Dr. Dontrust: And I of course would rush myself to climb over anything just to prove that I am not a rotten egg, cause I am never the last one there!

CA: He appears dumping water out of his water bottle.

Dr. Dontrust: And I would never even consider drinking any ice cold water in the hot sun.

CA: He reappears with a cup of hot cocoa in his hand.

Dr. Dontrust: Instead, I would drink down an entire cup of cocoa and-

CA: He appears sitting on a bed.

Dr. Dontrust: -make sure that I don't sleep at night due to all the caffeine I inhaled.

CA: Dr. Truscot is shown.

Dr. Truscot: That was wrong in eight different ways.

CA: Dr. Dontrust is shown at the bottom of the hill.

Dr. Dontrust: Well, what might be wrong to you is right for me.

CA: He starts to drink some more of his hot cocoa and turns around, rushing up the hill.

Dr. Dontrust: (while running up the hill) I'm not a rotten egg! Woohoo! (raises his arms in glory)

CA: Harvy is shown lurking around a corner, staring at Dr. Truscot's new location.

Harvy: There it is Smitty! We are here!

Smitty: We are!

Harvy: Yes! Now shut up you dimwit!

Smitty: Well fine then! Be that way! I will just give you the silent treatment!

Harvy: Smitty, if you were giving me the silent treatment, then that would mean you weren't speaking to me. You just spoke.

CA: Smitty stares at Harvy.

Smitty: You don't know that.

CA: Harvy stares at Smitty and then turns back to look at Dr. Truscot's new location.

Harvy: Okay! Time for the plan to go into action!

Smitty: What is the plan again?

Harvy: It is a diabolical and evil plan! That is all you need to know!

Smitty: You don't have a plan, do you?

Harvy: "Sighs" No, not really.

Smitty: You mean to say, we came all this way to not even have a plan in motion!

Harvy: I didn't say I didn't have a plan! I said I don't really have a plan!

Smitty: Isn't that the same thing as not having a plan? Besides, you just said "No, not really" and then sighed!

Harvy: Shut up! You know nothing!

CA: Dr. Truscot is shown walking around outside of his new location.

Harvy: Look! There he is! (looks around) Here, let me use this!

CA: Harvy picks up a stick and throws it.

CA: Dr. Truscot stretches and sits down, just missing a stick that flew above his head.

Dr. Truscot: Did you hear something?

Harvy: Dang it all!

Smitty: I told you, you need a foolproof plan to succeed!

Harvy: Shut up you fool! Why is it I brought you along again? I know I must have asked you along for some reason.

Smitty: Because I asked to go with you. Member? You said it would be fun! Well so far it hasn't been any fun at all! (starts crying)

Harvy: (Sarcastic) Oh dear me, I got you to cry. (Under his breath) Imbecile.

CA: Dr. Truscot is seen leaving the area.

Harvy: Come now Smitty! We must follow him!

Smitty: But I am tired!

CA: Harvy leaves the area.

Smitty: I am not moving another inch until I have had some relaxation! Hemm!

CA: Smitty sits down.

Harvy: Fine, have it your way! You stay here while I go take care of Dr. Truscot!

Smitty: I will!

CA: Harvy is shown walking towards Dr. Truscot's location.

Harvy: Stupid Smitty Johnson! I will show him what is what! Now, since plan one failed miserably, I will have to try something new! Then again, I never really had a plan one... All I did was throw a stick! So what should my back up plan be? I really need to learn to plan this stuff ahead of time when trying to take over a show. It is so aggravating to do this kind of thing on the spot!

CA: He sees Dr. Truscot sitting down and crouches behind a trailer.

CA: Harvy sees a dodge ball on the ground and picks it up.

Harvy: Well, if throwing a stick failed to kill him so that I could take over the show, maybe a dodge ball would work! Wait, what am I thinking? A dodge ball wouldn't kill someone (laughs at himself)

CA: Crouches down and picks up a humungous rock.

Harvy: But maybe a big rock will! Whoa, this weighs a ton!

CA: Drops the rock.

Harvy: I need to think this through.

CA: Music starts playing in the background.

CA: Harvy is shown.

Harvy: Now for plan three!

CA: Harvy pours dirt into Dr. Truscot's drink.

CA: Dr. Truscot starts to drink the glass of milk and spits it out. He stares at it, shrugs and starts drinking it again.

CA: Harvy's face drops.

Harvy: Now for plan four!

CA: Harvy reads a book titled "How To Successfully Take Over a Show After Killing Off the Host"

CA: Harvy smiles.

CA: Harvy grabs a large knife and aims it up high.

CA: He slices downwards and cuts up a piece of wood into tiny pieces and mixes it into Dr. Truscots food.

CA: Dr. Truscot is shown after eating and running into a bathroom.

Harvy: Dang it!

CA: Harvy appears again.

Harvy: Now for plan five!

CA: Harvy is lying on the ground, holding a taser in his hand and is stuttering his movements.

Harvy: Plan seven, oh wait, does six come before seven? Eh, who cares! I will just stick with plan seven.

CA: Harvy is shown releasing a evil dog from its cage.

CA: Harvy reappears petting the dog who is happy.

Harvy: Plan thirteen!

CA: Harvy walks right up to Dr. Truscot with the stick. Dr. Truscot is turned the other way. He turns around just as Harvy raises his club and Harvy backs up off of the screen.

Harvy: Plan fourteen!

CA: Harvy is shown holding dynamite.

Harvy: Crap, I forgot to bring matches.

CA: Harvy is shown.

Harvy: Plan nineteen!

CA: A field is shown.

CA: Harvy is shown flying backwards onto his back.

Harvy: Ow!

CA: Harvy reappears again with an ice pack on his head.

Harvy: Don't even ask what plan nineteen was. Time for plan twenty!

CA: Harvy uses a sling shot and accidentally backfires it on himself.

Harvy: Plan twenty-six!

CA: Dr. Truscot is shown bike riding away.

CA: Harvy runs onto the screen and runs after Dr. Truscot, holding up the club!

Harvy: Get back here Truscot!

CA: Harvy is shown crying in a corner.

CA: Harvy is shown again.

Harvy: Plan twenty-nine!

CA: Harvy pulls out a spatula.

Harvy: What? It worked great for Dr. Mister!

CA: Harvy runs into the office and a few seconds later, runs outside and runs away.

CA: Doctor V is shown running after him.

Doctor V: Impostor!

CA: Harvy comes back and sits down next to Smitty, putting his head on his hands.

Smitty: How did it go?

Harvy: Do I seriously have to explain to you?

Smitty: Yes.

Harvy: It didn't work out as planned Smitty.

Smitty: Meaning what?

Harvy: Meaning it didn't work out! Even plan twenty-nine failed...

CA: Smitty stares at Harvy.

Smitty: Twenty-nine?

CA: Harvy stares at Smitty.

Harvy: I don't want to talk about it Smitty.

Smitty: Oh, okay... So, what do you want to do now?

Harvy: Go home and weep myself into sleep.

Smitty: Sounds like fun! When are we going?

CA: Harvy stares at Smitty and starts weeping again.

Smitty: Harvy, what is wrong?

Harvy: I am friends with an idiot! (cries)

Smitty: Who?

Harvy: You!

Smitty: Oh, that is bad!

CA: Both cry.

CA: Dr. Truscot is shown laying down on a lounge chair.

Dr. Truscot: Well, after climbing and hiking, it is good to relax your muscles and drink another glass of water!

CA: Drinks down the entire thing...again.

Dr. Truscot: So, if you do the exact opposite of everything Dr. Dotnrust did, then you will be on the right track to a healthy and enjoyable day for hiking and climbing!

CA: Dr. Dontrust is shown hyper, holding his cup of cocoa.

Dr. Dontrust: Don't listen to him! (laughs crazily and spins around drinking the cocoa)

CA: Dr. Truscot is shown again.

Dr. Truscot: I guess I better get going. Need to go get Dr. Dontrust's stomach pumped. Goodbye everybody! (walks off screen)

CA: Series Ending.

CA: Professor Sausage is shown.

Professor Sausage: I never found me cheese!


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