Episode 20 On Summer Activities (Script)

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Episode 20 On Summer Activities (Script)

Post by FlareonMaster on Wed May 11, 2011 5:35 pm

Dr. Truscot-The Health Chronicles (Episode 20) On Summer Exercises (Script)
Cast: (In=In episode/ Not=Not in episode)

Dr. Truscot/In
Dr. Dontrust/In
Dr. Mister/In
Professor Sausage/Not
Smitty Johnson/In
Doctor V/Not
Harvy Reynol/In

CA: Series opening.

CA: Dr. Truscot is shown playing Basketball, running, bike riding, dodge ball, volley ball and other activities.

Dr. Truscot: Today we are discussing Summer Activities, which should be kind of obvious...

CA: Shown lounging.

Dr. Truscot: There are numerous summer activities involving exercising.

CA: Shown in new location counting his fingers of all the activities.

Dr. Truscot: Such as basketball, biking, running, dodge ball, volley ball, swimming, hiking, track and fieldó

CA: Dr. Dontrust is shown also counting the activities using his fingers.

Dr. Dontrust: Snowboarding, skating, skiing, sleddingó

Dr. Truscot: Dr. Dontrust, you can't do any of those activities during the summer. Well, possibly sledding? I have had bad experience with sledding though in the past. I mean, look at episode five.

Dr. Dontrust: Why can't you do those in the summer?

Dr. Truscot: Because there is no snow, stupid.

Dr. Dontrust: That's rude.

Dr. Truscot: The point is, this episode is on Summer Activities! Wait until next winter to discuss winter activities.

Dr. Dontrust: Eh, fine.

CA: Dr. Mister is shown standing while holding the rails of a bike.

Dr. Mister: My personal favorite is bike riding!

CA: Banks is shown.

Banks: Please don't mention bikes...

CA: Dr. Truscot is shown.

Dr. Truscot: Why not?

Banks: Just, just forget about it!

Dr. Truscot: All right, I will. Sorry I asked.

CA: Dr. Truscot is shown sitting on a rock.

Dr. Truscot: By doing such activities, can be very healthy. It gives you strength and energy and is a great way to either lose weight or keep in shape. Considering that these types of activities are all in warmer climates, that is why they are best for the summer! Unless of course you are in a warmer climate all year around.

CA: Dr. Mister is shown next to a palm tree.

Dr. Mister: I live in Florida!

CA: Dr. Truscot is shown.

Dr. Truscot: Yes, we all know...

Dr. Mister: I just didn't want you to forget!

Dr. Truscot: (sarcastic) Gee, I wonder how I could have forgotten. I know! I wouldn't forget because you keep on reminding us!

Dr. Mister: Well you remembered. That is all that matters!

CA: Banks is shown.

Banks: Henry, you are now experiencing what I experienced with Dr. Dontrust.

CA: Dr. Dontrust is shown.

Dr. Dontrust: Who is Henry?

Dr. Truscot: Your employer.

Dr. Dontrust: My employer is you though!

Dr. Truscot: Exactly, because Henry is my first name.

Dr. Dontrust: I thought your first name was Doctor though?

Banks: How in the world could you think that someones first name was Doctor?

Dr. Dontrust: Well, practically everyone on this show's first name is Doctor, so I just naturally assumed-

Banks: No one's first name on this show is Doctor though!

Dr. Dontrust: Really now? Explain why Doctor V only goes by Doctor V? Or Dr. Mister only goes by Dr. Mister!

Banks: But those aren't their first names!

Dr. Dontrust: Then, what are their first names?

Banks: I don't know actually.

Dr. Dontrust: Then for now, their first names are Doctor until I have been proven otherwise!

Banks: (stares at the screen) (sarcastic) You know what? How about you just go jump off a cliff Dr. Dontrust! I mean, you always do what I say anyways!

Dr. Dontrust: What do you think I am, stupid?

CA: Dr. Truscot is shown.

Dr. Truscot: I am not answering that as it will most likely get me beaten to a bloody pulp.

Dr. Dontrust: I am not going to jump off a cliff for no reason! Now if there was money involved, then possibly...

Banks: Of course, now he doesn't listen to me... (smacks head) I hate you Alfred...

Dr. Dontrust: Don't call me that!

Banks: (whacks his head against a wall)

CA: Smitty Johnson is shown.

Smitty Johnson: Wait, do you mean my Alfred by any chance Banks? (he holds up a stuffed animal dog)

CA: Banks is shown.

Banks: No Smitty...I don't. (sigh)

Smitty: Okay then. I am going to go find Harvy. (walks off screen)

CA: Dr. Truscot is shown staring at Smitty as he leaves.

Dr. Truscot: Banks, I feel your pain.

CA: Banks is shown staring at Dr. Truscot.

Banks: (pauses) No, I don't believe you do...

CA: Dr. Mister is shown.

Dr. Mister: It is quite warm here.

Dr. Truscot: Would you shut up already!

Dr. Mister: I don't know how to honestly.

CA: Dr. Truscot has his head fall to a table.

CA: Banks is shown again.

Banks: Then again, maybe I do Henry.

CA: Harvy is shown searching for something.

Harvy: No, no! I need it for my evil plan! Where is it!

CA: Smitty walks up behind Harvy.

Smitty: What happened Harvy?

Harvy: I misplaced my GPS! I need it so that I can look at a map to find out where Dr. Truscot's new location is! Without knowing his new location, I won't be able to pull off my evil plan!

Smitty: You do know that I know where it is, right?

CA: Harvy ignores Smitty.

Harvy: Not now Smitty, I am trying to concentrate! Just, help me look for my GPS!

Smitty: What is the magic word?

Harvy: I don't have the time to give you the magic word! Besides, I am evil!

Smitty: Well, you obviously had time to say all of that.

Harvy: Fine, Smitty, please help me find my GPS.

Smitty: Can do! Marsha can help too! (Marsha flies in) Marsha!

Harvy: Play with your stupid teddy bear later, we need to find that GPS! It could be anywhere!

Smitty: Marsha is not stupid!

Harvy: I hate my life...

CA: Dr. Truscot is shown again.

Dr. Truscot: So, does anyone have anything logical to say on the topic of summer exercising?

CA: Banks is shown.

Banks: No, because I am an orderly who knows nothing about the topic. (sighs) That reminds me, I have to go mop up something in the cafeteria because our janitor is on vacation. Lucky him... Some brat spilled orange juice all over the floor. I should go now. Eh, anyways, don't end the episode without me! I will be right back. (leaves)

CA: Dr. Dontrust is shown.

Dr. Dontrust: What do I have to say about summer exercising they ask me? Well, the answer is quite simple! Do summer activities in the winter and winter activities in the summer! That way you are freezing while attempting to exercise!

CA: Dr. Truscot is shown.

Dr. Truscot: Don't listen to him... He can't be trusted. Anyone else have something logical to say?

CA: Smitty is shown.

Smitty: Uh, what was I supposed to say?

CA: Harvy is shown jumping up behind Smitty.

Harvy: I found my GPS!

CA: Dr. Mister is shown.

Dr. Mister: Nope, however I would like to say it is really hot here!

CA: Dr. Truscot is shown.

Dr. Truscot: I hate you.

Dr. Mister: I know, but I don't care because I am experiencing lovely weather!

CA: Harvy is shown outside, dragging along Smitty by the ear who is holding Marsha.

Harvy: Come along Smitty, now that I have found my GPS, we are going to walk to Dr. Truscot's new location!

Smitty: Ow! You are hurting my ear!

Harvy: Only because you can't seem to walk straight on your own! Which I must say, doesn't make any logical sense.

Smitty: I can walk straight!

Harvy: Prove it then.

CA: Smitty walks forwards and then hits a tree and falls to the ground.

Harvy: This trip is going to take forever...

Smitty: Marsha, are you okay?

CA: Harvy puts his hand on his forehead.

CA: LPR Symbol is shown.

CA: Banks is shown walking onto the screen.

Banks: Aw, come on! They ended the episode without me! Well, now what am I supposed to do? (under his breath) Well, I guess I could go outside and actually try to make some actual friends who don't leave without saying goodbye.

CA: He stares at the camera for a few seconds and then leaves the room.

CA: End.


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