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Post by FlareonMaster on Thu Jan 07, 2010 1:16 am

Ok, first of all, Eagle and I are now starting up the clan talked about a few weeks ago as we are the leaders of this clan. This thread is to start off the clan and if you have already joined, then you may just skip to when the events part starts, if you haven't and are interested, then please read the next paragraph.

To join, all you need to do is either contact me or Eagle on either the forums or Xbox Live. I am "FlareonMaster" on Xbox Live and Eagle is "Parrot Wing" on there. Right now the clan is just beginning so it isn't officially set up yet, however we do have over 7 members as of right now which is a decent amount to start with as it just started. If you join, and know somehow who would also like to join, then please just ask them to join as for now since we are still at the beginning point of the clan, it is an open party for out event this weekend. However they will have to have the attention on joining to play.

Events for Saturday 1/9/2010:

I am the event organizer and secondary leader and Eagle is the head leader but we both share the responsibility of leader. Ok, to get to the events now, we are finally starting after a few weeks of planning and we begin this Saturday night from 5-9 PM and this simply means from between 5-9 PM you are welcome to come on and party on Halo. The only requirement to play with us is to have either...

Halo 3
Halo 3: ODST

Now to get onto the members and following, the planned events for this weekend.

Clan Members:

Leaders: Blue
Members: Green

Gamertag: Service Tag: Rank:

Parrot Wing :V01: Head Leader
FlareonMaster :V03: Leader/Organizer
Relapse Killer :V02: Member
Costantine95 :V04: Member
xi baritoe ix :V05: Member
Parrot Wing (1) :V06: Member
Masterchef9000 :V09: Member
Masterchef9000 (1) :V07: Member
brady241 :V08: Member
L3WY757 : V10: Member

Events for Saturday 1/9/2010:

This weekend the following Custom Games will be played and the maps will be decided on vote when playing. The following list of games are to be chosen and settings will be decided on the spot.

Team Slayer
Mosh King
Odd Ball

Thank you and any questions please either post here, respond over PM to either Eagle or I or on Xbox Live and once again, to contact us, I am "FlareonMaster" and Eagle is "Parrot Wing" and thanks!

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